Bradley Arthur sculptor All Artwork © Be-Art  1980-2017 Black,White,Gray Matter Assemblage Public Art - Melted Guns1 Kol Ami Star ChairMuse  City of Tampa Shadow Thoughts Kiley Gardens, Tampa Public Art Melted Guns2 Suspended OM Gallery Art-Miami Graphic Prints Early WordzWorkx

“Shadow Thoughts


Public Art


Hillsborough County

“Shadow Thoughts”

Black,White,Grey Matter

On canvas

Public Art


Hillsborough County


Public Art


City of Tampa

Congregation   KOL AMi

“Kol Ami Memorial Star”


Cypress Commons Building


Public Art

Installation in Kiley Gardens

 Downtown Tampa -2011-2015

Found Object Assemblage

Early text-based pieces

Gallery Art Gallery

In Aventura, (Miami)

Graphic Prints




A large carving cast in bronze

sited at Irving Cypen Tower

 Miami Jewish Health Systems, Miami FL

Olympic Experience

“Olympic Experience”

sculpture Arthur created in 1976

Copyrighted in 1977 -

sent to & hand delivered to ABC 1978

First “Artist Authorship  Rights” lawsuit

In NY State court in 1984

 Portfolio at

Richard Brown Baker collection

Renowned art collector Richard Brown Baker

pointing to Arthur’s “Steel Nails”

saying  “This is the most honest piece I own”

Arthur’s  “Enough” bronze sits below a Hans Hoffman in a back room of

Richard Brown Baker’s incredible NYC art filled apartment in the early 90’s.

He passed away  in 2002 and bequeathed his collection to Yale University Art Gallery.